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Resilient Home Living, a company located in Wichita Kansas, has been actively supporting individuals on their journey to change since November 2022.

We understand the challenges individuals face during this process and recognize the critical importance of providing a stable, supportive alcohol and drug-free environment to facilitate healing and growth.

Resilient Home Living

Resilient Home Living provides fully furnished, affordable sober living in Wichita KS for individuals in the early stages of transitioning to a better tomorrow. We offer a more accessible alternative. Our all-inclusive residential living environment is both affordable and supportive, catering specifically to individuals seeking quality, safe housing.

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Demographics We Serve:

In addition to providing affordable shared housing to people in the midst of transitioning, we also offer it to the following demographics:

These groups are housed in different properties, such as women’s homes, men’s homes, etc.

Comprehensive Support :

To ensure comprehensive support, we collaborate with reliable third-party service providers who specialize in different areas of care, such as:

A Comfortable Living Environment:

We provide a supportive living environment that allows individuals to focus on their personal growth. Our fully furnished accommodations and flat monthly fee cover amenities and utilities including:

Additionally, we are conveniently located on the city bus line, ensuring our clients have access to adequate transportation at all times.

Explore our latest blogs and articles to stay informed and inspired. We share valuable insights, stories, and resources related to recovery, housing, and personal growth.

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